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The fact that women between Islam and the ignorance

The fact that women between Islam and the ignorance
Praise be to Allah who Akram Muslim women all honor, bestowed by the grace of faith and Islam, and Sanha Ballester, chastity and modesty. And pray on Muhammad Aslam and sent as a mercy to sleep.
After: God created the universe from the human male and female, and make peoples for long. And the lives of women with no husband, and the life of the man without a wife .. Life of misery and moodiness, loss and loneliness, .. V.e.p each and every one of them (after the fear of God Almighty) the existence of the other side, the Almighty said: ((and that He created for you wives from among yourselves to repose in them and put between you affection and mercy in this are Signs for those who reflect)) [Roman / 21].
Islam came politely souls and morals, and the first thing it refines the soul and relaxes your mind and reassure its heart: the worship of Allah alone with no partner, and sincerely worship him with this follow-up to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him.
It is Islam, which prune the people: evaluation of women to look at the people and explain Turkey's position is decent, and make them equal to men in many affairs of his life, but what singled out the Almighty God by men, or singled out by both women.
Islam, women have been free from the shackles of ignorance, and will raise and honors the Qur'an and Sunnah, and make it in many verses for example, exemplary biography and replication.
* Women in previous civilizations and religions

Look at the case Gahliat ancient and modern, and how they see women, you are respect and appreciation, or a look of disgust and contempt? Venqlb something from the pages of the previous nations, is to see how their words for women, and how they stripped this woman of all their human rights:
* Women with the ancient Greeks
Socrates said: (The existence of women is the largest origin and source of the crisis and collapse in the world, that women like a poisoned tree where the seemingly nice, but when the birds eat them die off).
Therefore, women have been vile degrading, so they they consider an abomination of Satan's work, and they held Ksagt luggage will be sold and purchased in the market.
* Women of the Romans
Their slogan was with regard to women: (The recorded tend not, and does not Nerha off) ..
It is amazing to some sources, which he can hardly believe that, "which went to meet Romanian women in the Middle Ages, known under the slogan: (not for the spirit of women) tortured by pouring hot oil on her body, and linked to the columns, but they were innocent associate Bveol horses, and speed to the maximum speed until you die "(1)
* Women at the Chinese
Women have likened the water wash the painful happiness and money, and the Chinese have the right to sell his wife Kaljarip, and if widowed Chinese women became the husband's family the right to inherit as wealth, and the Chinese have the right to bury his wife alive!
* Women at Indians
Hindus in the Canons: (Patience is not estimated, and the wind, and death, and hell, and poison, snakes, and fire, the worst of women).
According to Dr. "Mustafa Sibai (in his book" Women between the doctrine and law) (2)
That women did not have the right to life after the death of her husband, but you must die on the death of her husband, and burned with him when she was alive on the stove and one, and continued the practice until the seventeenth century, where overturned on the ball of the clergy of the Jews, and was made an offering to the gods to be satisfied , rain or order or provision, and in some areas of India old tree must be submitted with the region's people a girl eat each year?! ".
* Women at the Persians
Permissible to marry the mothers, sisters, aunts, nieces and nieces, and was denied a female in the menstrual period to a remote location outside the city, is not permissible for a coming into contact with only the servants who provide them food, as well as all this was women's Persian under the authority of man's absolute, is entitled to sentenced to death, or enjoy the life (3).
* Women at Jews
Muslim narrated in his Saheeh (in the door may be washing a menstruating woman head of her husband) from Anas Ibn Malik may Allah be pleased with him: ((that the Jews were, if woman gets her period including not Iwakloha, not Ejammaoha at home, he asked the Companions - may Allah be pleased with them - the Prophet e; Allah revealed: ((They ask you about menstruation)) ... talk.
When the Jews in their religion distorted: (The women in menstruation unclean trapped in the house, and all men of what he is doing the work not based on moral women).
As it was seen as the rank of the service, and her father the right to sell, and considered it a curse; because they cause out of Adam from Paradise when they claim, seduced him.
* Women at the French
French held in 586 AD a conference to find: Is it a man or a woman is not human?! Does it have a soul or spirit does not have? If her spirit is it the spirit of animal or human? If the spirit of humanity is it at the level of the spirit of man or lower them? And finally "decided that they were human, but they were created to serve men only."
It is the basics of Christianity distorted: alienation of women, although a wife, and the contempt of the marital relationship and Trvelha though lawful, even for non-monks, the words of one of the men of the Church (Bonavetor), alias Saint: (If you see a woman, do not ever presume you can see a human being, not even an object and brutal, but you can see who is the devil itself, which you hear is a small snake).
And the English Parliament passed a resolution in the era of King Henry VIII of England bans women to read the book (New Testament) any Bible (typeface); because they are considered unclean!
The Sheikh said, "Muhammad Rashid Rida," God's mercy in his book "Women's Rights in Islam" (4): (strange, which quoted some of the newspapers in England these days that there are still in the country's rural English men sell their wives too cheaply Kthelathin ATS, has been reported the names of some of them) oh.
The Sheikh, "Fraih Mazen" (5) The story took place in the city, "Lester"
((, Central England, where she has lived an old woman alone in a separate house, said: "This is something normal, but I saw him I myself, sitting women Bchriseha and rent a room attached to the cycle of water and sit down from age to Morocco and complain about the unit. It is important that these old live alone, which is fond of breeding cats, went by the parents, and the pair enjoyed in its youth and then left to the other, and when he became an old man abandoned by everyone not only find cats, they have taken with the order of one tenth cats condescend to them and provide them with some food, and usually Milkmen there in the UK are going through the morning and share these old participation, it comes milkman puts the milk in bottles at the door of the house and knock him so as not to disturb and irritate people then, and when it passes the following day if found bottles of milk in the place knew that the owners of the home had they left or that the incident had occurred, this is often , which is what happened to these old, after several days of gathering the bottles at the door of the house, contact the milkman to the police, and when the police came and opened the door and found them dead, and found that Qttha ten had eaten edges and nose and ears, and then investigated by the police in the identity of these old and found that the son of this the old man lived in the same street as his mother lived alone, and on the march only a few minutes, and when they asked him: How long did you see your mother? said five months))! uh.
We seek refuge with Allah from this case, and to reflect on the treatment of this young man to his mother in that society Chagrin bile bilge, not surprisingly, when lost faith corrupts the soul.
And another story mentioned Sheikh "Ali Tantawi," may God have mercy on him when he said: (I saw in "Brussels" at the junction of two roads, has opened the way for pedestrians, old man is not carried by the leg, troubled by old age members, you want to pass the cars around them almost "Tdasha" does not hold a hand, I said to those who were with me are young: to go any one of you Felicadha, and has been with us a friend Professor "Nadim Zabian," a resident in Brussels for more than forty years, he said to me: do you know that these old beautiful country, and the temptation of people, and men were throwing their hearts and in their pockets on their feet to win a glance or touch them?! And when the youth and beauty Zoe, find it no longer holds her hand!) (6).
It is hell experienced by the women there in the West?! He said he believed all of the West: It is a window overlooking the hell!
For details of this Western civilization by tossing him to be Muslim women to do the same, to become Mngrbp advanced civilization in the era of the twentieth century!
Er the age of twenty-Znuk pm *** yoke face Massad Rights I'm not a light, but you fire and injustice *** since I made the human animal
The subject of women preoccupied humanity, past and present, came the separation of Islam and put him adequate solution panacea, because evil people have taken of this subject a platform for misinformation and deception when you do not know the status of women in ignorance, and put it in Islam.
The women were in ignorance, is one of the junk is deemed to have weight,
He said Umar ibn al-Khattab - may Allah be pleased with him -: ((God, that we were in ignorance as we prepare for the women is even revealed what God has revealed therein, and section them with the department)).
Did not have the right to inherit, and they say this: ((Irtna not only carrying a sword, and protects the egg, a man)). If a man dies and his son inherited, not the closest of any of his allies was a father or a brother or what, while featuring his daughters, his wives and daughters to the heir and his wives, so they are for them, and they are them.
It was narrated from Ibn Abbas - may Allah be pleased with him - said: "They were in ignorance, hate Imehm for adultery, and take their wages," and we know their reactions when he promises them the female Almighty said: ((If human beings one female under the face Msauda Kzim * hide from the people of ill- What Oimskh preached by the Hun or Idesh in the dirt not the evil rule)) [bees: 59.58].
Some of the ignorance of the people do not see justice for the man if he killed the woman and Iafouna of his parents also, and they were also forced their daughters to marry who are coerced, Islam came installed them Kamal freedom, not force amounting to marry, but it is up to them, and of their own desire and will.
The woman was in ignorance, have not had, and her husband the right to dispose of her property that the king of her money without her permission.
This is how they treat women when the people of kufr according to their ways and denominations? As has been said:
Vessels are an experienced Inbeck him to learn the secrets of how in the corners


Women in Islam

Islam has honored women and raise its profile between the two worlds, including:
1 / that the religion of Islam brought women's humanity.

The Almighty said: ((O people, I have created you from male and female)) (rooms: 13) stated Him as partners with men in the principle of humanity, while the Christians complain you are a man! - As partners with men in reward and punishment to work (( good work of a male or female is a true believer a good life and recompense them pay what they do best)) (Nahl: 97), and the Almighty said: ((God will punish the hypocrites and the idolaters, men and idolatrous women)) parties: 73.
The Prophet - peace be upon him -: ((but women are the sisters of men)) (Reported by Ahmad and Abu Dawood and classed and Albanian).
His rhetoric in the parameters of Sunan: "ie: their peers and their ilk in the creation and foul, Vkonhen necks of men."
2 / that make women, for example hits for the believers, men and women.

It was praised for the position of the Queen of Sheba (biblical), which was in the reign of Solomon - peace be upon him - and how they did in the transformation of her people from the trap of unification, said the position of Asia - the wife of Pharaoh - in the Qur'an, and make it one of the greatest examples of consistency on the right.
3 / honors that either:

Suffice it to bear witness to that conversation, which was narrated by Abu Huraira - may Allah be pleased with him - said: ((A man came to the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - said: "O Messenger of Allah, who is most deserving of my good companionship? Said:" Your mother. He said: Then who? "Said : Your mother. "He said: Then who?" said: "Your mother. He said: Then who?" He said: father)) (Narrated by Bukhari).
4 / Akram and women's sister.

It was narrated that Abu Rmtp - may Allah be pleased with him - said: "I came to the Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him - I heard him say: ((to honor your mother and your father and your sister and your brother, and then the next closest and the next closest)) (directed by the Governor, Imam Ahmad and horses).
Consider how the mother is given to the father, as well as presented to Sister Brother!
5 / daughter and generosity.

It was narrated that Anas ibn Malik - may Allah be pleased with him - said: The Messenger of Allah - peace be upon him -: ((from a high slave girls came up to inform the Day of Resurrection, I, a)) which held his fingers together: together. (Narrated by Muslim, no 2631).
6 / Sanha the right to marry.

And made between the spouses love and affection and mercy, the Almighty said: ((and that He created for you wives from among yourselves to repose in them and put between you affection and mercy in this are Signs for those who reflect)) (Roman: 21)
And the Almighty said: ((and they like to what is reasonable)) (al-Baqarah: 228).
Perhaps the greatest indication of high status of women in Islam and the elevation of its status: the commandment of the Prophet - peace be upon him - in the largest complex of Islamic in the Farewell Pilgrimage, when he said - peace be upon him -: ((Treat women well)) Bukhari ( 9 / 218) in the marriage).
7 / The right to defend itself in case Hqagaha with her husband.

And the dispute to the competent court, the Almighty said: ((If you fear a breach between them Fabosoa provision of family and ruling the people of the Lérida reform Allaah bless them)) (women: 35).
8 / make the punishment of eighty lashes thrown.

The Almighty said: ((And those who accuse chaste women and produce not four witnesses, flog them with eighty stripes and reject their testimony forever, and those are the transgressors)) (Light: 4).
9 / her to swear allegiance to the Prophet - peace be upon him - for women as men.

Shaykh Muhammad Rashid Rida - may God have mercy on him: - "The Prophet - peace be upon him - to pay allegiance to men to obedience and victory, was the first sell it to the captains supporters in the obstacle Mina before the migration, the allegiance of women, and in the curriculum but any allegiance to women were not revealed, and Bayahm Allegiance second large to prevent any protection, which prevented him to their wives and their children, and swore allegiance to the faithful under the tree in Hudaybiyah, not to flee from death, the sixth year of immigration. and summarized the allegiance of women remembering to read in Surat Al forbids, which is saying says: ((O Prophet, if comes to believing Ibayank not to Icherkn God anything, not stealing or Eznen and murdered their children do not come Bbhtan Ifterinh between their hands and legs do not Iasenk in known Fbayahn and ask forgiveness of their God, Allah is Forgiving, Most Merciful)) (forbids: 12) .
I got on the conquest of Mecca, and swore allegiance to the Prophet - peace be upon him - by the women to Safa after the men finished with the pledge of allegiance to Islam and jihad, and Omar Ibn al Khattab, informing him about them, standing in the bottom of it, "uh.
/ 10 and honoring God Almighty for the wife to make her father in law rights Shara, and implemented by the judiciary when the bickering.

And not those rights are entrusted to the conscience of the husband only, and not primarily serve as simplified, but it is a fleeting glimpse of some of their rights by:
11 / Muhr.

A gift of hers, imposed by God to women, not for something they must his only fulfill the right to marriage, as it does not accept the projection, if chosen for women, only after the contract ((and pay the women Sedkathn bee the Tabn you about any of it breath Vkloh Congratulations appetit)) (women: 4).
12 / alimony by the religious police.

((And the baby has a livelihood and a reasonable manner)) (al-Baqarah: 233).
13 / housing, and clothing.

((Interpretation of where you dwell and grandfather)) (the divorce: 6).
14 / In addition to these rights are the rights of physically significant other:

* They are free to choose their husbands, and not to her father that he dislikes, what you do not want, he said, peace be upon him: ((Do not marry a virgin until permission, and the married person will feel very shy)) (Narrated by Bukhari).
* Must be known to her husband that the assets of debt: ((O you who believe yourselves and your families against a Fire whose fuel is men and stones)) (prohibition: 6). Alusi said God's mercy: "quoted them on that men must learn what needs to be of the statutes and the education of these people."
* Be envious of them and enshrined in the eyes of the evil, greedy and souls, not mentioned by the resources of corruption, and collapses for the role of entertainment and pornography, and tends her hijab on the grounds of civil and evolution.
* He should touch all its missteps, and Statistics Sagtadtha, so the Prophet - peace be upon him - would hate to be a man to his family Trouka, and malleable: at night come from a journey or otherwise, of the blue.
* Finally, it must be intimate with her good and charity, not stirred by some mistake, or forget it some depiction ((interpretation of the meaning, the Ltamohn may be that you dislike something and God makes a lot of good)) (women: 19).
The Prophet - peace be upon him -: ((Do not hate a believing woman, that dislikes one of her pleased with another)) (Narrated by Muslim, 1269) rub: rubbing and hate: hatred.
We ask Him to make Muslim women role models for others, and memorize a proponent of wanton display and unveiling,
Blessings and peace upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions, and praise be to Allah.
--------------------- (1) the return of the veil 2 / 48. (2) (p. 18). (3) (the return of the veil 2 / 50). (4) (r / 62). (5) mentioned in the tape (of women in the West). (6) is hunting Mohammed Alaocn (r / 58.57).
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