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Messenger of God and human rights

 Messenger of God and human rights
حقوق الإنسان
God blessed human religion of Islam, which make the rights issue was originally fixed assets of religion, and even make them approach divinely rewarded rights to do, and he sinning if he left, not the grant of a creature no matter what, and make it so generally include rights - whatever their religion or color or sex - and the animals and the environment, and the Messenger of God Yes, that was applied to these rights; Fash everyone in the year of the gift and free life of dignity.

Islamic view of man
Consider Islam to human upscale look and to maximize the honor, on the basis of the verse: {We have honored the sons of Adam and carried them on land and sea and provided them with good things and preferred them above many of those who created favorable} [Isra: 70]. This view made for Human Rights in Islam properties and certain advantages; the most important of these rights are universal, they are political, economic, social and intellectual ... It is also common to all individuals; they Muslims or non-Muslims, without distinction of color or sex or language or religion, which is also not subject to cancellation or switch; it is linked to the teachings of the Lord of the Worlds.

Messenger of God and human rights
Came words of the Messenger of God and his actions bear witness to honor the rights and respect for their rights, in his farewell address - which was like a comprehensive report of human rights - said: "... your wealth and your sacred to you as this day in this month of yours in this country until the day throw your Lord. .. "[1]. Confirmed this sermon of the Prophet set of rights; the most important: the sanctity of blood, money, and symptoms, and others.

We also find the Messenger of Allah would maximize the human psyche in general; conceding to have the greatest rights is the right to life, he says, the Messenger of God when asked about the major sins: "associating partners with Allah ... and murder ..."[ 2]. Came the word self-General to include any same kill unlawfully.

The Messenger of Allah went to more than when the fever of human life itself, and the prohibition of suicide, he said: "It is the deterioration of the mountain, killing himself, he is in hell, deteriorates when ever and ever, and drank the poison and kills himself will be throwing in his hand, sipping it in the the fire of hell for ever and ever, and killed himself Bhdidh; Vhdidth in his hand by the Lega in the stomach in the fire of hell for ever and ever "[3].

As Islam forbids all the work detracts from the right to life, whether this work intimidating or insulting, or form .. It was narrated from Hisham ibn al-Hakim, said: I heard the Messenger of Allah says: "God punish those who tortured people in the world" [4].

Human rights, as prescribed by the Messenger of Allah The right to equality between people
Human rights crisis in the world confirmed the Messenger of Allah on the right of equality among all people; between individuals and groups, and between races and peoples, and between rulers and ruled, between the governors and the parish, there is no restrictions or exceptions, there is no difference in legislation between the Arabic and Ajami, not between black and white, and between governor and governed, but differentiation between the people piety, "The Messenger of God:" O people, your Lord is one, but your father and one of you to Adam [5], and Adam is from dust, the sight of God, and not Arabic preferred to Ajami only piety "[ 6].

Let us look at his dealings with the principle of equality; to realize his greatness, was narrated that Abu front of him, he said: Ir Abu Dhar Balala his mother, he said: O son of the black. Balala and came to the Messenger of Allah, tell him angry, came to Abu Dhar did not feel, the Prophet turned away from him, said: "What about me Oardk only thing Bulgk O Messenger of God. He said: "You pay Balala, who his mother?" The Prophet said: "The book which was revealed to Muhammad - or God willing, to swear - what the One preferred not to work, you are only Ktv saa [7]" [8].

The right of Justice
Associated with the right to equal right, another justice, and this is what knowledge the Messenger of God to his companions and his nation, he says: "The judges are three: one in heaven, and two in the fire; As for who is in heaven a man with known right he judged it, and a man who identified the right immoral in power he is on fire, and a man spent on the ignorance of the people he is on fire "[9].

The Messenger of Allah also forbids the confiscation of an individual's right to defend himself seeks to achieve justice, he says: "... the right holder an article ..."[ 10]. He says those who have the governance and justice among the people: "... If he sat between the two rivals do not you spend your hands until you hear from the other as I heard from the first; it more likely that you will see how the judiciary" [11].

The right to freedom of religion
It is also human rights prescribed by Islam, and confirm the Messenger of God: the right to freedom of religion and belief, and so out of the verse: {There is no compulsion in religion} [Baqarah: 256]. There is no compulsion to convert to a particular faith; In the conquest of Mecca the Prophet had been forced to convert to Islam Quraysh, despite being able and victory, but he told them: "You go at large" [12].

Freedom of opinion and thinking
And extends the list of human rights with the Messenger of God to also include the freedom of opinion and thought, was the Prophet respected the opinion of others and encourages it, and when he sees the view and see some of his companions, etc. and the interest due for his opinion to the opinion of the exclusion, and what happened in a better witness to that; where he was the Prophet the opinion of young people - and they were the majority - who preferred to go out to meet Quraysh outside the city, and this view was contrary to the opinion [13].

The right to bail
In a unique right regard to legislation the Messenger of God - did not touch the system and put in the Charter of human rights instruments - comes right enough, which means that every person living within the confines of the Islamic State on the adequacy of the necessities of life; to live a decent life, and achieved a decent standard of living , which is different from the subsistence level which I talked about systems status, which means the minimum human living [14].

Right enough this happen to work, if the inability of the individual Zakaah fill this deficit, if unable to Zakat for bridging the adequacy of those in need came the state budget to pay this obligation, and I have said, stressing that right: "What is believed in me from Pat Cavana [15] and his neighbor is hungry by his side, a knew about it "[16]. The praise: "The Ash'aris if Ormiloa in the invasion, or if their food in the city they had amassed in a single garment, and then Aqtzmoh them in a bowl, they are of me and I them," [17].

Thus was the Messenger of God first and leading sponsor of the greatest human rights, and his message carried by the message to the worlds all humanity, including sponsorship rights relating to all human beings as human beings.

How great is your humanity, O Messenger of Allah!

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